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Oahu.US (General):

Oahu.us is owned by Rossetti International Inc., a member of the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce.

Ron Rossetti - President and founder of Rossetti International Inc., a multidisciplined trade and consulting firm, holds Oahu.US, Waikiki.US, Kahoolawe.US, and Alamoana.US. Ron resides in Japan.

Oahu.US (Details):

Ron Rossetti, the holder of Oahu.US and an accomplished environmental engineer, has an established business presence in Japan, Philippines and United States. Ron was born in Lebanon of American parents and is a United States Citizen of Italian roots. Raised in Europe, primarily Athens, Greece and Rome, Italy, Ron speaks four languages and has a long list of contacts around the world. Ron's love of travel, nature, and the environment has made his interest in Hawaii especially important. Because of Hawaii's fragile ecosystem and the success of urbanization and nature harmoniously co-existing on Oahu, makes Hawaii an extremely interesting and beautiful place. Maintaining the harmonious co-existence will be a challenge for future Government and business leaders of Hawaii. Ron's thorough knowledge of Oahu, both in an environmental sense and as a recreational vaction travel destination is truly an asset for Hypersite visitors. Having travelled around the globe many times over, Ron's understanding of the needs of all international traveller's, civilian, business, government and military, as well as his efforts within the islands has put the "Hawaiian Hypersite" as the travel site of choice when planning a trip to the Hawaiian Islands. Ron's international travel background and physical presence in asia, especially in Japan, is serving our Asian neighbors across the Pacific. Ron is more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Please visit the the Oahu.US contact page here.

Customer Service Policy:

Oahu.US strives to attain a 100% customer satisfaction. If for any reason you feel that Oahu.US did not provide you appropriate customer service, mislead you, or you were dissatisfied with any of the products or services you received from this website, to include telephone reservation bookings and products offered by businesses listed on this website, please do not hesitate to contact the CEO of Oahu.US (Ron Rossetti) at ceo@oahu.us and he will personnally resolve the situation promptly, guaranteed!.

Oahu.US Philosophy:

Not just another on-line travel booking company. Oahu.US offers personal travel assistance and remembers you by name. Questions about Oahu are personally and expeditiously answered; you will never receive a canned response from Oahu.US.

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