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BANNER ADS: On Oahu.US home page advertising rates for 468x60 banner ads are as follows: and 50% of the listed price for all other pages within the website:

3-month minimum @ $300 per month

4 months @ $290 per month

5 months @ $280 per month

6 months @ $270 per month

7 months @ $260 per month

8 months @ $250 per month

9 months @ $240 per month

10 months @ $220 per month

11 months @ $210 per month plus the

12th month free

On all other pages within the Oahu.US site banner ads are 50% of the above listed rates.

Orders are taken at any time, but ads will only be placed on the first of the month with no pro-rating of fees. Payment is in advance IN FULL.

If you are interested in advertising please send an email to ceo@_oahu.us for pre-approval indicating the type of business and which page you would like to advertise on.

Once approval is granted, check should be made out to Ronald M. Rossetti and sent to:

Ronald M. Rossetti

Attn: www.Oahu.US

P.O. Box 1111
Hagatna, GU 96932-1111


If your business is Oahu related and falls into one of the following categories you can list on this site for $50 per year:

Oahu Bed & Breakfast

Oahu Vacation Rentals

Oahu Realtors

Oahu Weddings & Honeymoons

Oahu Tours

Oahu Activities

Oahu Shopping

Oahu Restaurants

Oahu Schools

Oahu Nightlife

Oahu Photos

Oahu Resorts

Send us 4 lines of text about your business, the email you want customers to use, and your business' phone number to ceo@_oahu.us.


Links are free between sites on our links page (Oahu .US Links). If you are interested in trading links please send an email to ceo@_oahu.us.

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