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Oahu has all types of hotels and resorts. Whether it’s luxurious or economical, beachfront or family, Oahu has them all. The variety in accommodations and lodgings is so wide in Oahu, that whatever a traveler may be looking for, he is sure to find a hotel to suit his needs and requirements.

The majority of the hotels of Oahu are located in Honolulu's main visitor district, Waikiki. Here luxury resorts, budget hotels and vacation condos rub shoulders with each other all along the stretch of the famous Waikiki Beach. A few business hotels are located in the city of Honolulu, primarily at the airport, downtown, and at the edge of the city.

Though the island’s West Side has some of the most beautiful beaches, and the North Side attracts a lot of visitors in the winter months, there are relatively fewer hotels in those regions. Other hotels are located in the Eastern and Central regions of the Island.

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