Welcome to Oahu, Hawaii


A visit to Oahu isn't complete without attending one of the many events that take place throughout the year. It is these events – which include festivals, sports events, live music or drama performances, hula exhibitions, and art exhibits – that give the real feel of the island. Oahu is always bursting with color and excitement as there is always something going on. Some events are generic and take place every year around the same time, while others are specific and are just one time events. For the one time events, check with your hotel or in the local papers. They usually have all the latest information on all the concerts, sporting events, exhibits and other events. Given above and below are monthly links that take you to the annual events of Oahu. To see what events occur during a particular month in order to better assist you in planning your vacation, click the month above or below to see what events normally occur during the month. This will also give you an indication of whether or not you need to book your reservations early because some of the annual events bring a lot of visitors to Hawaii booking up hotels and flights not to mention the increased costs due to supply and demand for the month. In addition to the events, the peak tourist months are January, June, July, August, December. The number of visitors also increases when there are other events occuring such as conventions, conferences, and military excersizes and/or deployments.