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Surgery is the branch of medicine that deals with diseases and trauma requiring operative procedures. It diagnoses and treats injury, deformity, and disease by manual and instrumental means.

Surgeons are medical practitioners who have specialized in the field of surgery. They may be physicians or dentists, who have undergone a further five year study and training after medical school. The surgical training may be in any one of the many different fields of medicine, like cardiology, pediatrics, ophthalmology and so on.

Surgeons establish the diagnosis and perform operations or procedures involving the removal or replacement of a diseased organ or tissue. They also provide preoperative, operative, and postoperative care to surgical patients and are usually responsible for the comprehensive management of the trauma victim and the critically ill surgical patient. Some of the conditions that can be treated by surgery are anatomical abnormalities, disorders of function, metabolic disorders, trauma, inflammation, ischemia, infarction, neoplasia, and other abnormalities of tissue growth.

Oahu, with its quality medical services, has qualified surgeons in each of the specialized fields of medicine. These experienced specialists are capable of managing a broad spectrum of surgical conditions affecting almost any area of the body. Oahu.us has compiled lists of surgeons in Oahu under their respective areas of specialties.