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A medical doctor, or a physician, is a person who practices medicine. Medicine is a wide field of study, and with the rapidly expanding knowledge of health, illnesses, and disease; and the constant evolving of new treatment methods and techniques, various specialties in medicine have developed.

A doctor who has trained in one of these specialties becomes a specialist. This takes a lot of hard work and a long time. After receiving the basic medical degree from a medical school, the training of a specialist begins in what is called a residency. Resident physicians receive three to seven years of full-time training in a hospital and/or ambulatory care settings, caring for patients under the supervision of experienced specialists. Educational conferences and research experience are often part of that training. Some specialize in primary care as general physicians, others concentrate on certain body parts and/or systems, specific age groups, or complex diagnostic techniques, and still others on treating specific types of disorders. A further one or more years of full time education and training in a specific area of that specialty, makes one a sub-specialist. For example internal medicine is a specialty, and within this specialty, cardiology is a sub-specialty.

Oahu, with its quality medical services, has specialized doctors in each of the specialized fields of medicine. These highly qualified and experienced doctors are capable of diagnosing and treating just about any kind of ailment or medical problem that you may have.

Oahu.us has compiled lists of specialized doctors under their various fields of specialization. To make it even easier for you to find the right doctor, the specialists have been named under the various areas of Oahu. This way you can get in touch with the right specialist depending on the area of Oahu you are in.